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Silverskärs food

Sustainability is the key word! On Silverskär the meal times are an important part of the experience. We put our soul into everything we do, from finding the raw ingredients and preparing them in a respectful manner, to sharing the story with our guests.

When eating on Silverskär our guests have to experience the true archipelago sensation that permeates with the island environment.That is why the kitchen allows the seasons to steer the food that will be served and is in close collaboration with local farmers and fishermen.

Today we have our own butcher, which means we can buy an entire carcass and hang to tenderise the meat. This is how we present quality and traceability that we truly abide by, as well as taste experience like no other. A big part of the fish comes from local fishing, which we encourage our guests to participate in, but also from friends and acquaintances nearby.

Bread is baked on location from flour that comes from the organic Överängs mill in Ödkarby. Herbs and spices are partly picked from the forest, but also cultivated on the island. Vegetables and root vegetables come from devoted farmers all over Åland, durability is the key word with every purchase.

We are constantly exploring new ways how to best preserve the cultural heritage in food and are continuously working with combining old techniques, tastes, and necessary storage possibilities with modern alternatives. By doing that we are trying to create a unique but often familiar taste experience.

Hopefully I have managed to at least partly clarify my standpoint and I am looking forward to offering you a memorable meal out on Silverskär.

/Viktor Eriksson, Chef

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