Fairytalelike environment

Pure nature is our trump. That is why we on Silverskär are trying to be a green island in the blue sea. We protect nature in things both big and small, that is why we prioritise eco-labelling in all our purchases and the kitchen uses almost entirely local raw ingredients.                           

Our largest buildings are heated with geothermal heating and we have solar panels covering most of our electricity needs. We are also careful about sorting our waste – also bottles, paper, packages, and metal go to recycling. In 2014 Silverskär was awarded the Green Key certification.

Silverskar Islands, your choise when you care!


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Vi är stolta över att vara Green Key-märkta!

Silverskär Islands är Green Key certifierat. Detta innebär att vi både vid logianläggningarna och i restaurangen arbetar aktivt mot minskad miljöpåverkan genom strikta kriterier.
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