KLOBBEN – at the edge of the sea

Our modern fishing ground is situated on the island of Klobben (Swedish pronunciation Klåbben) in the Saltvik outer archipelago. Here we offer you a different kind of experience – stay in one of the ten sheds where the sea is your closest neighbour.

The sheds in Ålands fishing grounds were previously used for staying overnight during the strenuous fishing of Baltic herring in the outer archipelago. Today you can use these sheds for simple but comfortable and cosy living on the island of Klobben. It is difficult to live any closer to nature. No matter the weather and wind, your stay on Klobben will be unforgettable.

The timber the sheds are built of comes from 500 year old pines in the forest of Saltvik. With time the colour of the timber changes to a beautiful shade of grey. In total there are 30 beds, but Klobben has the capacity to house up to 40 guests. The islands salting shed is a natural gathering point for meetings and meals. Meals that have the authentic taste of archipelago are shipped in from Silverskär!

Naturally there is a sauna on Klobben. It is built in a cliff crevice with the sauna bench adjusted to match the shape of the mountain. You can’t get any closer to nature that this.

The atmosphere of Klobben is difficult to describe, you have to experience it. Even though waves break the cliff and wind is whining, the silence and the sense of stillness are profound. Even the view from the islands outhouse will take your breath away!