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Total relaxation or active leisure time? There is a lot to do on Silverskär and the activities are suitable for almost everybody. Go kayaking, play tennis, or go on a boat trip. Try different types of shooting activities, go on a nature stroll or a tough hike, or take part in a fun pentathlon. For our more stressed guests we offer supervised yoga or meditation.

You can also take the opportunity to enjoy the story about when they found the world`s oldest champagne in a ship wreck in the Åland archipelago. Perhaps combined with a champagne tasting? Tasting the selection of the local beer brewery Stallhagen with samples from the chef, or testing caviar with appropriate drinks makes your meeting indelible!

We collaborate also with event organisers that arrange a program both on and outside of Silverskär.

Take a boat trip!

Only a few minutes away you will find the island Klobben resort village, where you can stay overnight in cosy small cottages. You can also take a day trip or an evening tour, and enjoy a good meal, delievered from Silverskär kitchen! Kråkskär Island lies in outer archipelago with Norrhavet as its closest neighbour. Once upon a time there was a fishing village on the island, one of many in the archipelago. During high fishing season the fishermen lived here in simple cottages. On a trip to Kråkskär you can experience the barren outer archipelago environment and its interesting cultural history. There are many other interesting trip destinations near Silverskär, for example Boxö with remnants of the World War I!

Our tour boats are safe and comfortable, and naturally we pack picnic baskets with desired contents along for the trip.

Go fishing

Silverskär has excellent fishing opportunities. Our boats are sea safe and fully equipped with, for example, rain clothes, fleece jackets and rubber boots for you to borrow. Professional fishing guides familiar with our waters are also joining the tour. During the fishing trip we naturally take the time to enjoy a fortifying lunch in the wild, Viktor`s delicious fish soup warms you up nicely!


Take a trip in the history, visit our latest projekt, Klobben!

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