Food on Silverskär

We put our entire soul in the food we serve. It's all about finding high quality ingredients and use them in a respectful way in highlighting the culinary traditions to our guest.

When you eat on Silverskär Island, you will taste the genuine archipelago atmosphere that represents the essence of our islands. Therefore, we let the four seasons guideline our menu. Our kitchen also works in close co-operation with farmers and fishermen of the region.

Our key word is sustainability

Silverskär has its own butchery. This gives us the opportunity to buy local pastured meat and hang it in our butchery. We always serve meat that maintains the high quality and traceability of the origins of our food. In addition, the taste experiences ares beyond the usual.

All fish is caught from the sea around Åland.  We mainly use fish caught by our friends in the local waters, but we also fish and encourage our guests to fish with us.

Bread and pastries are baked of organic flour from Överängen Mill in Ödkarby. We use wild growing herbs and spices, but we also have a small kitchen garden on Silverskär. Vegetables and root vegetables are harvested by devoted Åland farmers – also, with all our purchases, sustainability is always the keyword.

We cherish and develop Åland’s culinary culture

In Silverskär's kitchen we are constantly exploring new opportunities of cherishing the cultural heritage of Åland food and cooking. That's why we combine old techniques, tastes and natural preservation methods with contemporary cooking skills. We try to create unique taste experiences that feel familiar and natural at the same time.

Hopefully, with these words, we have managed to convey some of our philosophy of raw materials, culinary culture and sustainability. We look forward to serving you and your company many memorable meals on Silverskär.

Viktor Eriksson, Chef


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