Islands all to yourself in Ålands archipelago

Welcome to Silverskär Islands, Silverskär, Sviskär and Klobben, three islands in the north archipelago of the Åland Islands. Here you can choose your own island for meetings and conferences, for parties and festivities, for fishing and hunting. But of course, also for effortless relaxation in beautiful nature. Our islands has smooth, red granite rock, a small forest lake where the water lilies flower in the summer, a meadow with many types of wildflowers, and red buildings that have been modernised with a gentle touch. Nature offers peace and quiet, each season brings its own charm. The guests are offered personal service. When you make a reservation at Silverskär Islands you get each island all to yourself, we only welcome one group at a time at every island. Our harbour is only a half hour way from Mariehamn, and you reach the islands within ten to fifteen minutes by our big and safe boats!

Tradition in a new form

In the heart of Silverskärs lies a fisherman cottage where people lived a simple archipelago life until the 1950ies. The newer houses blend well into the islands traditional settings, but meet our modern requirements. On Sviskär island you feel living here and now in the "hermit hut" and at Klobben you stay in simple but comfortable new cabins built as a modern fishing camp at the edge of the sea! 

Welcome to Silverskär Islands – the pearls in the sea!

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Vi är stolta över att vara Green Key-märkta!

Silverskär Islands är Green Key certifierat. Detta innebär att vi både vid logianläggningarna och i restaurangen arbetar aktivt mot minskad miljöpåverkan genom strikta kriterier.
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