Which Island would you choose för your stay?

We offer unique accommodation on our three islands. Choose the island experience that suits best for you and your group!

SILVERSKÄR – the heart of our establishment

Enjoy the ultimate idyllic archipelago atmosphere. We offer altogether 45 beds – some of them in four-star single rooms with en suite bathrooms at Ladugårds, and some in the fisherman’s estate Mellangårds with charming genuine archipelago atmosphere. From 2022 we can offer you 6 more new, comfortable rooms with en suite bathroom.

SVISKÄR – peace and solitude

Our four-bedded hermit cabin on the neigbouring island of Sviskär is an electricity-free zone. Here you can experience the silence in the midst of nature. Enjoy bathing in a wood-heated beach sauna and sense the nature’s pace the days pass. Here you can cook your meals yourself!

KLOBBEN – at the edge of the sea

The ten small cabins on Klobben island have been inspired by the traditional fishing camps of the archipelago. Klobben offers comfortable accommodation for 42 persons, with the sea as its closest neighbour. The food is delivered from Silverskär's kitchen.

Islands exclusively for you

Whether you choose Silverskär, Sviskär or Klobben you always have the entire island exclusively for you and your group. We always book only one group at a time for each island.


Sviskär – one of the 25 selected wellness products in Finland

We proudly present our hermit’s island Sviskär – one of the 25 top products of Visit Finland’s wellness project FinRelax. The project has selected experiences with focus on nature and wellness.

Read more about FinRelax here

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