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Silverskär – a unique archipelago experience

Here you are! An island completely for your own use in the Åland archipelago. An island for meetings and conferences, for parties and celebrations, for fishing and hunting, not to mention for pure relaxation in beautiful surroundings.

On Silverskär you´ll find almost everything: smooth, red granite rock, a forest tarn where the water lilies flower in the summer, a flower field with many types of wildflowers and red buildings where modern comfort has been added with a gentle touch. Nature is ever present, and invites you to enjoy peace and happiness. Each season brings its own charm, and the guests are offered personal service. When you make a reservation at Silverskär you get the island all to yourself, we only welcome one group at a time.  

Welcome to Silverskär - your island in the Åland archipelago! 

  startsida 2015