Klobben – at the edge of the sea

Our modern fishing camp is situated on the island of Klobben (Swedish pronunciation Klåbben) in the  outer archipelago of Saltvik. Here we offer you a different kind of experience – stay in one of the ten huts where the sea is your closest neighbour.

In the old times the fishermen of Åland built camps with small huts in the ouskirts of the archipleago, used for shelter and overnight stay during the strenuous season of Baltic herring fishing. The modest huts at Klobben are a built after the same model, you can stay here comfortably and well tucked in, as close to nature as can be. No matter the weather or wind, your stay on Klobben will be unforgettable.

It doesn't get closer to nature than this

The timber the sheds are built of comes from 500 year old pines in the forests of Saltvik. With time the colour of the timber changes to a beautiful shade of grey. In total there are 32 beds, but Klobben has the capacity to house up to 40 guests. The main house of the island Saltarboden (salt shed) is a natural gathering point for meetings and meals. Meals that have the authentic taste of archipelago are shipped in from Silverskär!

Naturally there is a sauna on Klobben. It is built into a cliff crevice with the sauna bench adjusted to match the shape of the rock.

The atmosphere of Klobben is difficult to describe, you have to experience it. When waves are breaking the cliffs and the wind is whining, the silence from the city and the sense of stillness are still astonishing. Even the view from the islands outhouse will take your breath away!


Saltarboden is the main meeting house at Klobben, a neighbouring island to Silverskär. Here the team of Silverskär has recreated an old fishing camp in 19th century style. Whether you decide to hold your meeting indoors or outside on the deck, you will sit right by the seaside, in the middle of the archipelago. Even though the most part of Klobben is an electricity free zone, you have both electricity and wifi in Saltarboden so you can stay connected duting your meetings.

You can organize a meeting during the daytime here or decide to stay over night. Up to 32 people can stay over in the rustic cabins on the cliffs. Lunch and dinner are prepared by our chefs at Silverskär and delivered to Klobben, sometimes they decide to prepare the meals over open fire at Klobben.

Silverskär matupplevelse
Genuin food from the archipelago

Here at Silverskär, we consider the meals as an important part of the experience. Therefore we put our souls into the food we are serving. This includes everything from finding the best produce of the highest quality, preparing the food with respect for the produce and also highlighting the heritage and tradition of the meals we are serving to our guests.

veuve flaskor
Champagne tasting

Would you like a bubbly break during your conference? We can take you on a tour where you get to learn about the story of the shipwreck champagne found in the archipelago of Åland and taste different champagnes from the Champagne house Veuve Clicquot.

You can also come along on an adventure where we search for the champagne hidden out at sea or in the archipelago! We can also arrange wine and beer tastings if that would be more to your liking.

snipor i hamnen
Boat tours and afternoon coffee on the shore

A boat trip can be soothing for the soul!  Enjoy a tour of 1-2 hours on the waters around Silverskär, we will take you out sightseeing in the archipelago to the sound of the waves. We can go ashore for afternoon coffee on the islands of Klobben or Sviskär or maybe on Chamapagne island, if the weather is right.

This tour can also be arranged in a traditional way on a the sailing boat Lingonstierna! Then the excursion will take slightly longer than 1-2 hours.

Wedding at Klobben

Do you want a smaller wedding with family and your closest friends? Then Klobben may be the place for you, because around 30 people are best at Klobben and give you a smaller, more intimate experience!

Red granite combined with the calmness of the sea gives you a memory for life and an experience out of the ordinary. Experience the party, sunrise and sunset together with family, friends and acquaintances.

Imagine a wedding on the rocks near the sea! Then Silverskär's talented chefs prepare a fantastic wedding dinner and then there will be dancing and maybe a night sauna!

Silverskär Islands helps with planning and arrangements.

Please contact us for more information!

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Fishing trips

The surroundings at Silverskär are perfect for fishing. We have safe boats with great equipment for fishing. We have everything from lifejackets, buoyancy aids, rain coats, rubber boots and warm jackets, that we can lend you. Our skilled fishing guides, that are well aquainted with the waters of the archipelago, will accompany you during the tour.

When we go on fishing tours we also like to take time for a refreshing outdoor lunch, our lovely fish soup will keep you warm during the trip!