Silverskär – the heart of our establishment

Idyllic archipelago atmosphere amongst the traditional red painted scandinavian buildings.

There is a total of 55 beds between the houses in different categories, from the 4 stars accomodation with private bathrooms of Ladugårds and Bodlängan, to the old cosy fisherman's home Mellangårds.  All of the buildings are decorated in their own style and character. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by our chefs on the island

Ladugårds has 4 stars in accordance with Visita’s standards. All the houses have Wi-Fi.


Stay in rooms with a relaxing atmosphere

There a so many different houses and cottages that you can choose to stay in here at Silverskär.  Where ever you are staying on the island, all of the buildings, cottages, the sauna and the main building are all at a comfortable walking distance from each other. If you take a look at our 360° map, you can get a better understanding of where about on the island you will find the different buildings.

360 view 

Silverskär bad och relax
Experiences and challenges on Silverskär

Total relaxation or active leisure time? There is a lot to do on Silverskär and the activities are suitable for most people. Go kayaking, play tennis, or go on a boat trip. Try skeet shooting, take a stroll in nature or a try a tougher hike, or take part in a fun pentathlon. For our more stressed guests, who wants to wind down, we offer yoga or meditation classes.

Silverskär matupplevelse
Genuin food from the archipelago

Here at Silverskär, we consider the meals as an important part of the experience. Therefore we put our souls into the food we are serving. This includes everything from finding the best produce of the highest quality, preparing the food with respect for the produce and also highlighting the heritage and tradition of the meals we are serving to our guests.