Sviskär - solitude you choose yourself

On Sviskär you can disconnect from the outside world. You can listen to the sound of nature, stroll around the shores and forest, forage mushrooms and wild berries. When you stay at Sviskär you have an island of 28 hectares all to yourself. It's just you, your company and nature.

The ”Hermit hut” is a log cottage matching the houses that once were built in fishing villages in the outer archipelago. The cottage has four beds and the island is an electricity-free area.

There is a wood heaten sauna and in the evenings you can sit and wind down, in the light of a paraffin lamp.


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Silverskär bad och relax
Experiences and challenges on Silverskär

Total relaxation or active leisure time? There is a lot to do on Silverskär and the activities are suitable for most people. Go kayaking, play tennis, or go on a boat trip. Try skeet shooting, take a stroll in nature or a try a tougher hike, or take part in a fun pentathlon. For our more stressed guests, who wants to wind down, we offer yoga or meditation classes.

Silverskär matupplevelse
Genuin food from the archipelago

Here at Silverskär, we consider the meals as an important part of the experience. Therefore we put our souls into the food we are serving. This includes everything from finding the best produce of the highest quality, preparing the food with respect for the produce and also highlighting the heritage and tradition of the meals we are serving to our guests.

Champagne Silverskär
The world's oldest champagne

In July 2010, divers found the world's oldest champagne in a wreck on Åland. The fact that the bottles had been at an even temperature in the dark meant that they were preserved in excellent condition. At Silverskär, the storage conditions are the same as for the wreck champagne and since 2011 we store champagne on the seabed. This project has since been developed into a collaboration with the champagne house Veuve Clicquot, where they have also chosen to test the Åland waters as a storage place!

Hermit cabin on Sviskär

"The hermit's hut breathes nostalgia. It feels like stepping into a bygone era and yet everything is so incredibly fresh! The nature on Sviskär is diverse and unspoilt. It just has to be experienced."

Experience of Sviskär

"I can hardly believe it's true, but the wind, the waves and the surroundings say it's real."

The calmness at Sviskär

We enjoyed closing our eyes and just hearing the lapping of the waves and birdsong - and spending time with each other without a lot of phone calls and stress!