The history of the Silverskär Islands

Traditional heritage in a new form

The heart of the main island Silverskär, is the old fisherman's homestead from the 19th century, where the old owners lived a simple archipelago life until the 1950s. The newer houses blend well into the island's traditional atmosphere, but also meet today's modern requirements.

Silverskär was aquired by the Holmberg family in 1988. Silverskär and it's surroundings was created with the aim to offer a harmonic venue for business meetings and private gatherings. The family has ever since continued to develop the venue and it's surroundings, offering services with a personal touch, local food and produce and the possibility for all groups to enjoy the peace and serenity of their private island. Always with sustainability and the wellbeing of the environment as a main focus.

Klobben was inaugurated in 2016. Klobben is a replica of a 19th century fishing camp, and the idea is to portray how the fishermen and their families lived their lives in those times. The rustic cabins are simple but comfortable. Fishing camps similiar to Klobben could be found throughout the whole archipelago of Åland. During some parts of the year up to a 100 people could stay in a similar fishing camp, living a simple but good life to their standards during the different seasons. We want our guests to be able to experience how it feels to live in a community with a close connection to the sea for a day or more.

On the small island of Sviskär, you will find the "hermit hut", there is only one small cabin and a sauna on the island and no electricity or wifi. Escape the big city's buzz and enjoy the calm of the nature.

In the summer of 2010 a group of divers discovered a shipwreck in the archipelago of Åland with a very noble cargo, the world's oldest drinkable champagne.The constant darkness and the steady temperature at the bottom of the sea had preserved the bottles in excellent condition.

After the findings the Champagne house Veuve Clicquot decided to start an experiment in collaboration with Silverskär in 2014; The Cellar in the sea – a 40 year long experiment, where Veuve Clicquot are storing champagne bottles at 45 meters of depth in the waters surrounding Silverskär, to see if under water aging of champagne can prolong it's lifespan.

In 2017 Silverskär created the Champagne Island, a small island with a rustic cabin that guards the Cellar in the sea, where smaller groups can gather for a champagne tasting for example.

Welcome to Silverskär Islands – the pearls of the sea!