Sustainability at Silverskär Islands

We choose to focus on sustainable and local!

A clean environment is our trump card - that's why we at Silverskär want to do everything we can to be a green island in the blue sea. We care for our environment, big and small.

Sustainable and responsible tourism is important to us since we want to contribute to preserving our unique archipelago for future generations.

Silverskär's heart is an old archipelago home where the original Silverskär family lived until the end of the 1950s. Their way of life were naturally sustainable and we want to continue to preserve old traditions. The houses we have built over the years have been built with sustainable materials and designed so they blend in with the original farm environment. At the same time, we have not renounced comfort and modern technology. Our largest buildings are heated with geothermal energy and we have solar panels that cover part of our electricity needs.

Promoting and respecting the archipelago traditions permeates our entire business. The food we serve is prepared from locally produced ingredients mixed with our own farmed and mostly self -caught fish. We cooperate with local suppliers and favor biological diversity. It is very important to us that the meat we use comes from animals that have had a good life and we are happy to serve venison. Financial sustainability is also important to us, which is why we mainly use local services and labour.

We strive to conduct our business in harmony with nature. All our buildings are built of wood, a large part of the wood comes from the forests around Silverskär. Wooden buildings have been shown to lower both blood pressure and stress levels! Using wood from nearby areas reduces our carbon footprint, which is valuable for preserving our nature.

We are happy to tell you more about our sustainability principles and our operations. We are convinced that together we can contribute to a cleaner future!


The term and concept of "axgan" was originally invented by our own Johan Mörn and has quickly become a well-known expression on The  Aland! Islands! The word axgan must be used freely as a way of cherish the local produce and handling of food on The Aland Islands. At Silverskär Islands, we serve axgan food, which means that the ingredients are locally produced and/or processed on Åland. We serve our food with pride and with the knowledge that the food is good for both body, soul and our beloved Aland Islands!

There are many benefits to choosing axgan produce and we encourage others to embrace the concept of choosing locally produced and also support small producers.

  • There are a lof high quality axgan produce and products!
  • We can buy high-quality, nutritious ingredients and products that don't have a long and incomprehensible ingredient list - you know what you're eating
  • The short transport distances on The Aland Islands means that the environmental impact of Axgan products and produces is low
  • We have a wide range of locally produced products on Åland and we want that in the future as well - become axgan!
green key
Green Key
We are proud to be Green Key certified!

Since 2014, we have been certified according to Green Key's criterias. At Silverskär Islands, we want to conduct our business in as long-term and sustainable as we can to protect our nature and do our best to minimize negative impact on the environment. The international Green Key program has given us concrete tools to increase environmental responsibility in the long term.

Green Key is a label for businesses that work sustainably and strive to reduce their environmental impact. At Silverskär Islands, this means that we work according to Green Key's criteria at all our facilities and in the restaurant.

What is Green Key?

Green Key is the leading sustainability label in the tourism and leisure sector. Internationally, over 3,000 businesses in almost 60 countries are Green Key-labelled. The certificate is granted by a Green Key jury following an application process and audit report. The Green Key award is valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually.

More information and other Åland Green Key activities can be found at

You can also visit for more information about the international operations.